Amazing things in nature you won’t believe

Today what we know about nature is a tiny part of it as it hides a lot of secrets inside it. It’s the only thing that human wasn’t able to understand till now and might never be. Whatever it is, the truth is that it has uncountable secrets that we are not able to understand right now. If we solve one chapter of these amazing things in nature, numerous chapters start coming up. Nature can be beautiful, ancient, vivid and cruel at the same time. Since a long time ago people begun to understand and exploring the secret of nature. On some part they got success, and many stayed unsolved.

Here we are going to show you amazing things in the nature that you won’t believe.

Dirty Thunderstorms – Volcanic lightning AKA


This epic electrifying phenomenon happens when rock fragments, ash, and ice particles in a volcanic plume collide and produce static charges. It also shows that how destructive nature can be. This natural display of lightning is what scientist call a Dirty Thunderstorm.

Shimmering shores of Vaadhoo, Maldives


The beautiful Vaadhoo Island, at Maldives, is very famous worldwide and has many wonderful things to see, but the most amazing thing you can see at night when you will see the blue shore, which seems to mirror stars. However, the secret of this is phytoplankton; the marine microbes emanate the blue glow. These species creates the natural lighting in the world.

Frozen air bubbles in Abraham Lake


Abraham Lake in Alberta Canada is so beautiful and hides a lot of secret inside it. The air bubbles at this frozen lake appear in a natural process and just amazing to watch.

The Wave Arizona


The Wave is a sandstone formation on the slopes of the Coyote Buttes located in Arizona. This nature beauty is famous among hikers and photographers. You can go there to enjoy the life with the unbelievable things of nature.

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