Apple products that are headed for extinction

Apple’s commitment towards innovation and user experience has set their standards really high! Apple has consistently produced the best products and they are able to manage the products and their marketing strategies effectively. Apple products line has always been consistent however their recent focus on smartphone industry has left a lot of products already heading for possible extinction.

Here are the 7 Apple products that are already on the endangered list!

MacBook Air is on the endangered list of Apple products


These were the lightest and thinnest product of Apple and people were fond of it once! It was in March 2015, the MacBook had its last upgrade after which there were no signs of improvement. We also hear rumors about this product being discontinued in the market. With no takes for MacBook Air, we have to simply let this ancient one go.

IPad Mini are replaced with iPhones


Is this really true? Do you know iPad mini lost its customers when iPhone started getting bigger? We hear rumors that the new iPhone 8 comes with a 5.8-inch display which eventually digs a pit for the iPad mini. The last upgrade on iPad mini was on September 2016 for the storage bump. Now we know this is been added to the endangered list of Apple products.

Mac Mini – The low-cost device from Apple


It was in the year October 2014; the Apple Mac Mini got its latest update. Now, the product makes no sense. The focus is more on Laptops and people hardly look at Mac Mini.

Mac Pro is an expensive product by Apple, but do not have any takers now!

mac-pro Mac pro is one of the expensive products of Apple which is finally lined up for extinction. Will you spend top dollars for a technology from 2013? Mac Pro was lastly redesigned on December 2013 however; it did not get any positive response from people. Apple products have seen dramatic changes and the possibilities of getting an update for Mac Pro is under serious question.

IPod has no takers. No music lover prefers iPod!


IPod has been listed as the top Apple Product but it doesn’t get the status anymore. Apple still sells iPod Touch, iPod Shuffle, and iPod Nano but they are not the new ones. IPod Touch was updated in July 2015, the iPod touch was updated in September 2012 and iPod Nano was updated in September 2010

Apple TV does not occupy the living room anymore!


Almost a decade back, the Apple TV was introduced to occupy the living room and it took people closer to advanced technologies. But now, the Apple TV is not close to latest trends and technology available on other brands of Television. The giant iPhone has all the features that are expected out of a television. So, how can you expect people to use them?

Apple time capsule/Airport is a solid router which is no longer needed

apple-router Apple no longer encourages anyone to make or use this rock solid router. The idea was great but it helped the competitors to develop interesting routers than this one.

People are fond of Apple products for their high standards and quality. However, due to the emerging technology and increase in demand for other new launches by Apple, the old ones become ancient and finally are headed for extinction.

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