Apple products that are no longer with us today

We are familiar with Apple’s famous products like iPhone, iPod, iPad and Apple watch but did you know that Apple released a Safari hat and jigsaw puzzle? Apple has created a lot of rare products which are no longer with us. From their gold headphones to their own clothing line there are many Apple products that nobody talks about today! Let’s explore the age old products of Apple.

Kind attention dear readers!!! You won’t be able to buy any of these Apple products from any store.


Apple II Game Tapes (1978)

During those days, floppy disks were not used but the tapes were. Apple computers ran software from the cassettes.


Apple Printer (1979)

In the early days, the computer companies had to manufacture their own printers and Apple came up with the thermal printer which sold for $599. The LaserWriter printer was released in 1985 and sold for $6,955 after which Apple got out of the printer business.


The Apple’s rainbow logo wall hanging (1983)

Apple worked with the artist Myra Burg in 1983 and came up with limited-edition wall hangings. The rainbow wall hangings carried the Apple logo and were available on Apple’s gift catalog for $350 each.


MacWrite (1984)

MacWrite was the word processing application that ran text-only DOS or BASIC environments. MacWrite was later known as MacWrite Pro, AppleWorks and now they are known as pages.


Home Accessories (1986)

Apple released their “Apple Collection” in the year 1986 which included a lot of household accessories like a pocket knife, mug, towel, watch and more.


Apple clothing line (1986)

In addition to the home accessories, apple once had a fashion line. Baggy sweatshirts, visors, rainbow caps, windbreakers, shirts, and children clothing with the Apple logo were also sold.


Apple Scanner (1988)

Creating own peripheral devices was in trend those days so Apple launched a 300dpi A4 scanner in the year 1988. In 1991 they launched Apple OneScanner but neither of them took off well.

The Newton

The Newton (1993)

This was a personal Assistant Operating system designed to work on Apple’s MessagePad tablets. This worked like notes and came with handwriting recognition software but this device did not go well financially so Apple stopped its production in 1998.


PowerCD by Apple (1993)

The product was designed by Phillips and was branded by Apple so it had the Apple logo on it. This device would read CD and data discs on Apple computers.

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