Apply and interview for a job entirely within Facebook

Facebook’s job search feature is going to be promising for job seekers

Well, it is time for you to remove those embarrassing pictures and posts from your Facebook profile at least for a good cause! It is time to find you next job offer on your Facebook newsfeed. Yes, Facebook’s job search feature is out and it is promising. This new Facebook Feature allows you to search and apply for your dream job directly from your FB website and FB mobile application.

Here is how the Facebook’s job search feature works

Through this Facebook Job posting, the companies can post their jobs on their pages just like any other status update. These posts can be seen on the company’s own Facebook Page and also under the newly introduced ‘Jobs’ section on the company’s Facebook page. The link to the job post will be available under the “Explore” section of your page. This new feature is available for users in the U.S. and Canada and doesn’t appear to all users.

Job applying process

apply-job If you find the suitable job, you can follow the link, read the job description and click “Apply now”. This button leads you to a pre-populated page that will have your name, education, and your employment history. The details you’ve made public on Facebook will be pre-populated and you can also make changes when needed. Currently Facebook’s new job search feature do not have a place to upload a resume, however, it has a 1,000 character text box that allows you to type a note. Once done, hit the “send” button and the information will be passed on to the company as a Facebook message.

What happens to your privacy settings?

There will be no changes in the privacy settings. You can still keep the setting as private or public as per your convenience. The employer will be able to see the information that you have made as public. If you do not wish your hiring manager to see some parts of your profile, you can change the privacy setting for the same. If you are keen on applying for jobs from a particular employer, you can ‘like’ their page so that the Facebook job posting by the company will appear automatically on your Newsfeed.

It doesn’t cost the business!

The Facebook’s job search feature is convenient for job seekers and the employers enjoy a free service. They don’t have to pay for their job posting. This is not great news for the existing job platforms which charge the company for posting Ads. This New Facebook feature is in the testing phase and few small businesses have already started using it. And guess what? The results are successful!

The potential candidates are on social networking sites and the Facebook’s new job search feature makes it simpler for the employers to discover and find out the best candidate for their job positions. The first rollout of this latest feature is considered to be successful and let us wait for more updates to enhance the job searching process!

Now, it is time for us to spend some useful time on Facebook!

What more do you like to see in the future updates of this Facebook’s New Job search feature? Share with us now!

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