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Choose Low stress jobs to lead a peaceful life

Do you feel exhausted at the end of the day due to your work pressure? Stress that comes due to exposure of work is unavoidable but it can be reduced by choosing low stress jobs.Remember, low stress jobs do not mean low paying jobs.

However, nowadays, chronic job stress is a grave problem all around the globe as it is energy- draining, mental grinder, and psyche- straining, that may cause accidents, irritability, insomnia, and fatigue. To say in one word, job stress snatches peace from our life. So, immediately find low stress jobs to soothe both your body and mind. According to the Occupational Information Network Database, each job has a Stress Tolerance Score, which is calculated on a scale of 0 to 100. 100 is the highest stress level while 0 is the lowest one.

10 low stress jobs for peaceful life

1. Librarians

Nature of work: Librarians perform three aspects of library work- administrative services, user services and technical services. The management and planning of libraries are important administrative duties of librarians. Librarians help the patrons to find information by analyzing their needs and then, search for, acquire and provide the information. Technical services of librarians include cataloging, classifying and arranging materials so that patrons can find library materials easily. If you are book lovers, then this job is low in stress for you.

Qualification needed: Bachelor’s degree in library science or in any field.

Stress tolerance score: Librarianship has 70 stress tolerance score.

2. Proofreaders

Nature of work: Proofreaders will check written work for simple as well as complex errors. After proofreading, the document goes for printing or becomes live on a website. Websites, magazines, newspapers and publishing companies need proofreaders, who correct spelling mistakes, grammatical errors, formatting of a page etc.

Qualification needed: Bachelor’s degree in any stream.

Stress tolerance score: 61i s the stress tolerance score of proofreading profession.

3. Freelance content writers

Nature of work: As freelance content writers are self-employed and work from home making their own schedules, content writing is a low stress job. They compose articles or content for online consumption. They must have excellent writing skills, creativity, knowledge of formatting articles and also knowledge of keyword placement and other SEO practices.

Qualification needed: Bachelor’s degree in any stream (preference- in journalism or English literature)

Stress tolerance score: Freelance content writers’ stress tolerance score is 69.

4. Computer Hardware Engineers

Nature of work: Computer Hardware Engineers design blueprints of new computer equipment; develop programs which control computer operation, and supervise the production of new computer hardware.

Qualification needed: Bachelor’s degree in computer engineering or in electrical engineering.

Stress tolerance score: Stress tolerance score of this profession is 67.

5. Interior Designer

Nature of work: This job is likely low stress as decorating houses is a passion for interior designers. Interior designers decorate the interiors of a building like homes, hotels, hospitals, restaurants etc. choose a color palette and then select suitable furniture, curtain, lighting, and artwork. They are now getting involved in architectural detailing also.

Qualification needed: Graduate degree in any field.

Stress tolerance score: Their stress tolerance score is 62.

6. Travel Agents

Nature of work: Travel agents offer advice to travelers about their destinations like weather conditions, customs, regulations, local attractions etc. and make arrangements for hotel accommodations and transportations. Travel agents promote travel packages to their clients by dealing with customer queries. As most of the people like to travel, traveling is an interesting job. And whenever people opt for an interesting job, naturally that job appears to be a stress- relieving job.

Qualification needed: Bachelor’s degree in any subject. But a degree in tourism may be at an advantage.

Stress tolerance score: A travel agent has 57 stress tolerance score.

7. Food scientists

Nature of work: Food scientists evaluate the nutritional value, texture, color, flavor of food; test food samples; produce new food products etc. In food processing industries, food scientists work as researchers. They enjoy a relaxed working life.

Qualification needed: Bachelor’s degree in food science or food engineering or nutrition or microbiology.

Stress tolerance score: Food scientists have 56 stress tolerance score.

8. Massage Therapists

Nature of work: Massage therapists feel low work pressure and can relax while they work hearing calm background music or ocean sounds. They are mostly self- employed and work part- time. Their duties include massaging their customers by rubbing, kneading and stroking the flesh for therapeutic reasons.

Qualification needed: Training in a massage therapy program.

Stress tolerance score: 63 are the stress tolerance score of massage therapists.

9. Self- enrichment education teachers

Nature of work: One of the least stressful jobs is Self- enrichment education teaching. Teachers conduct courses, which include not- vocational and non- academic subjects for self- improvement. Through classes, demonstrations, and workshops, they teach cooking, dancing, photography, physical fitness etc. In order to meet students’ demands, needs and interests, teachers apply various teaching methods and teaching aids.

Qualification needed: Expertise in their field of specialization.

Stress tolerance score: Stress tolerance score of self- enrichment education teachers are 66.

10. Environmental scientists

Nature of work: Environmental scientists identify problems related to the environment and help to prevent air, soil and water pollution by conducting research on pollutants of our environment. Environmental scientists work in the lap of nature, which is a stress- reliever. Their love for nature provides them with a peaceful life.

Qualification needed: Bachelor’s degree in environmental science.

Stress tolerance score: Environmental scientists have 63 stress tolerance score.

Do you want to give to yourself a gift? If yes, then don’t chase money and don’t get involved in competition with others. Only then, you can attain peace of mind, which makes a life more beautiful. Money and competition in your workplace lead to the development of stress, which directly pushes peace away from your life. Live a simple peaceful life and choose low stress jobs, which will give you enough autonomy to make your own schedules and workloads. However, the truth is that if you have job satisfaction and you are passionate about your work, then stress will automatically disappear. If you feel stressed out don’t worry, there are thousands of highly paid low stress jobs waiting for you.

If you love what you do, you’ll never feel the stress. So, when you feel stressed, it is better to look for alternatives.

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