Countries borders that you don’t expect

When you think about the international borders between countries, what comes to your mind first? The fences of metal wire, army patrolling the border all the time, people don’t allow to visit the area. But there are some countries, where the borders are not the same as we think. Where people don’t need the Visa to enter. There are many peaceful and beautiful countries borders that people don’t know. People lived there with love and peace without any restrictions.

Here are the list of beautiful and unusual countries borders:

1. Netherlands – Belgium

Netherlands – Belgium Border

The border between Netherlands and Belgium is very peaceful. It passes through the streets and buildings. You can go Netherlands for breakfast and comes back to the Belgium.

2. Poland – Ukraine

Poland – Ukraine

This road between the land divides Poland and Ukraine border, and two giant fishes indicate to each country.

3. Argentina – Brazil – Paraguay

Argentina – Brazil – Paraguay

Iguazú and Paraná rivers divide Argentina, Brazil, and Paraguay border. People call this junction to the Triple Frontier. The scenery on this junction is just amazing to watch.

One day there will be no borders, no boundaries, no flags and no countries and the only passport will be the heart – Carlos Santana

4. Slovakia-Austria-Hungary


The borders of Slovakia, Austria, and Hungary divided by three benches where you can sit down and meet friends. Each table indicates the one side of the country.

5. Norway – Sweden

Norway – Sweden

Norway and Sweden divided by the road with the trees on both sides. It is an excellent track for bike riders. In winter there lots of people come here with snow bikes for fun.

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