Give your eyes a break from digital effects

You have the world with you when you can actually see what’s happening around you. Eyes are the most precious and expensive gift of life so take good care of them. Amidst the constant push towards financial progress and the development of technology and gadgets, most of us tend to forget eye care.

Unknowingly, our eyes are stressed looking at the texts and images on the screen in front of you. Constant exposure to computer and mobile phone damages your eyes, which may not sound serious now but would have an impact after few years.

Abreast of self-consciousness about the problem, taking care of the eyes with these few easy tips can give you healthier and clear vision for long. It can also help you avoid a number of complications that may arise due to prolonged exposure to the screen.

Take frequent breaks

While you are working on your laptop or computer throughout the day, it is strictly advisable to take short breaks at regular intervals. This might sound something difficult in times of work pressure, but if you wish for a longer work life than this break is very much necessary for your eyes. Your eyes are going to thank you for this. Taking such breaks gives much relaxation to the eye muscles, which is very much damaged during long working hours. The most useful 20-20-20 rule is very helpful in such situations. Every 20 minutes take a 20 seconds break and stare at something that is 20ft away.

Blink and blink again

During long working hours on the computer screen, you would be required to gaze on the screen for the longest period, which may lead to subtle dryness of eyes. The most natural and effective solution to this problem is blinking more frequently. When we blink, our upper eyelid reaches the lower one and pulls up a thin film of tears that cleanse the eye vision and you can again see thing clear like before. When the eye dries up due to constant staring at the screen frequent blinking of the eye again makes it watery so you need to repeat this activity consciously and frequently.

Minimize the glare

Polished surfaces and computer screen have reflections in the form of glare. It can be annoying and it strains and stresses the eye muscle. They distract your attention but also have a bad effect on your eye muscles. This problem can be easily overcome by installing an anti-glare screen on the laptop or computer and for walls, those are white in color you may color them with lighter shades and matte finish color so that they do not reflect light. You can also cover your windows to protect outside light to reflect on your screen.

Get regular comprehensive eye check-up

When your job demands a long time working on the computer and you need to gaze on it continuously, you automatically become prone to myopia as researched by doctors. If you have long sightedness, you are likely to get more symptoms than those with short ones. If you are not using the proper glasses while looking into the screen then also you have chances to get myopia very soon. Consider checking your eyes at least once in a year for better visibility for a longer period.

Work in proper lighting

In many cases, it has been found that improper lighting has strong effects on eye problems. The ambient light while working on the computer affects the eye muscles the most. This is why you need to adjust the light of the workplace to a softer one. If you have noticed the walls in your office, you would often see light shades. This helps you to relax when you work. When too much of exterior light falls on the computer screen, it is better to move your computer to a place where it doesn’t get much exposure.

Adjust the display setting

One most important thing that you must consider while working on your computer for long hours is the display. Numbers of issues depend on the display of the computer. So, a small adjustment of the same would help you soothe the eye from excessive stress.

  • Adjust the brightness level of your computer in accordance to the room.
  • While composing long documents or reading something adjust the text size and the contrast level for stress-free visibility.
  • Also, you need to check and revise the color template while working on a colored document.

Do some quick eye exercises

When you feel to prevent eye strain after prolonged staring on the computer screen, a good eye massage is the best option that is going to help. This activity actually lessens the eye fatigue, strengthens the pressure on eyes and reduces heaviness and eye pain caused by an extended viewing of the screen. Look up to a distant object for 10-15 minutes and then again look back to the screen. You can also massage both eyes with your palm for a quick relaxation.

Consider computer eyeglasses

When you need to work on the computer for a longer period, you are sure to be benefitted from some eyewear that is particularly designed for working on computers. In your annual appointment with the eyes specialist, ask for a customized eyewear especially for computer gazing. With this, you could prevent your eyes from getting affected to a great extent.

Lower your screen

To prevent the eyes from quick drying out you may use a technique like lowering down the laptop or computer screen at 20 degrees below the eye level. While you look at the screen with your eyes half closed your total area exposed to the screen automatically reduces reducing the overall tendency to dry up. This also prevents the direct effect of the screen on your eyes.

Give your eyes a break and protect your eyes from the negative effects of digital devices.

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