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How to build an organic following on Twitter

Twitter is one of the largest social networks, which connect and establish a relationship with individuals and news organizations, celebrities and business organizations. Are you trying to build an organic following on Twitter?

Don’t worry. It’s not too difficult to build an organic following on Twitter. As creating an account is free, it is easy to promote your work and share your thoughts through Twitter. Bear in mind when we start tweeting, we don’t have an overwhelming response and we realize that we must develop an organic following. Immediately we search on Google “how to build an organic following on Twitter?” Isn’t it? But keep in mind, having 5000 relevant followers is better than having 50,000 followers, who don’t respond to anything you share. Here are 10 simple ways to build an organic following on Twitter.

10 steps to grow an organic following on Twitter

1. Start with a strong profile

Present your profile in the most attractive way so that people, who will check out your profile, will follow you. The most engaging way includes using a photo of your smiling face for your personal account, to give a detailed bio of 160 characters etc. Don’t forget to mention the location in your profile.

2. Tweet interesting stuff

To get click through and comments, share interesting stuff through Twitter. Google Alerts may help you delivering daily email updates about interesting things like product reviews, delicious recipes etc.

Photos and videos are of great interest to your audience. So do share your activities through photos or videos to engage your audience. A painter might share photos of some of his paintings and ask “Tell me what I want to express through it.” A travel agent sharing pictures of a tour to Shillong may ask to his audience, “What is your next traveling plan?”

Always keep in mind that you should engage yourself with your audience in running conversation rather than trying to change the interesting topic, they are talking about.

3. Try to reciprocate

Never ignore the notification that someone is following you. Just check out his or her Twitter profile to follow him or her. You may start interacting with them by retweeting. So make it a habit to reciprocate. Even celebrities or the most influential person follow this tactic on Twitter to increase their followers. Through ‘Who to Follow’ list, Twitter recommends those people, who belong to the same field as you and whose areas of interest and activities are same with you. Thus, ‘Who to Follow’ list helps you to gain new relevant followers whom you should not ignore.

4. Create Twitter Lists and sub lists

Create Twitter lists and multiple sub lists on your twitter page so that you can distinguish between prospect brand advocates, partners, and consumers. Twitter lists help to keep track of their activities. Start interacting with the content, posted by people in Twitter list regularly through like, re- tweet and comment.

5. Use Twitter chats

Engagement through Twitter chats is the best way to enhance your Twitter followers organically. People, who don’t chat with other people, are less likely to get followers. Joining in Twitter chat will help you to spread your network. You will be able to get in touch with people, who share the same interests on same topics like you.

6. Show off your skills

Twitter is a place where you can show your talents in writing and photography. As a creative, informative writer, you put your articles on Twitter, which people like and share. This process may help you to grow your followers on Twitter organically. Similarly, your talent in photography can be appreciated and shared or re-tweeted by your followers on Twitter.

7. Remember the 80-20 rule

When your followers get interested in your tweets, which are most informative, they follow you. Content Discovery tool helps you to ensure you whether the content is up to the mark. In addition, if you follow 80-20 rule in the case of writing your content on Twitter, i.e. 80% informative and 20% about your business, then your followers will share or retweet the content giving you visibility to more people.

8. Use Hashtags to reach more audience

Hashtag boosts you to start a chat on Twitter, thus increasing your relevant followers. Use 2-3 trending hash tags in your tweets to make your tweet more attractive and to get the attention of your followers. Re- tweet others who are using the same hash tags. While creating an event or starting a new campaign, use particular hashtags and promote them to easily connect with your followers. If you use relevant and common hashtags, you will be able to reach your audience easily.

9. Schedule chats

Schedule your tweets considering the time when people respond to your tweets. Try to respond to your followers’ tweets whenever they are retweeting you. Otherwise, they won’t engage you in the future. Don’t replace a scheduling tool. Rather use it to schedule out your regular tweets.

10. Promote your Twitter account

Try to promote your Twitter account through your Facebook account, Instagram, and Linkedin profile so that you can increase awareness of your twitter page among your followers. Make an interesting profile, which is complete and which will give information about you. Consequently, whenever people will go through your profile, they will follow you. You may log into Twitter directories to grow followers because people of the same interesting field like you visit these directories. You may include links to your blog posts to your Twitter handles.

Twitter is a nice platform for businessmen to share their business news, to engage with customers and to increase the customers. At the beginning, you will find difficult to grow your organic follower on Twitter. But don’t be upset. Just wait and follow the above-mentioned steps to build an organic following on Twitter. You will get the result instantly.

Use of Twitter is increasing day by day and resultantly, business persons are trying to get benefit from this social media.

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