Prevent Jet Lag

How to prevent jet lag, the time zone tiredness

Prevent Jet Lag – Why do we even talk about it? It’s not just one or two, almost everyone who travel across multiple time zone complaint about jet lag. According to a survey, more than 90% of the people suffer from jet lag with symptoms like nausea, red eyes, exhaustion, insomnia, visual uproars and more.

The simple reason behind this unusual tiredness is due to the dehydration of your body while traveling. Spending long hours in flight disturb your body and without even you realizing it. As a result, you end up facing difficulties with your normal sleep cycle, appetite, tiredness and weakness.

The simple way to prevent jet lag is to drink an adequate amount of water and sleep at the right time. Here are interesting tops that will help you prevent jet lag before, after and during the flight.

Know your schedules

If traveling on a long-haul flight, you need to prepare yourself for the journey. You need to eat properly and sleep on time few days before your journey so that you don’t feel tired on the day of your travel and after that. Watch your sleep routine and eating habits. Try to take a lot of fruit juices and liquid that will help you prevent jet lag and recover from it soon.

The night, before your travel is very important

Are you excited about your trip? Of course, anyone would! But, that’s going to be dangerous for your health. The excitement of the trip, last minute packing, completing the targets at the office are some common mistakes people attempt just the night before their flight. While you are busy with your routine and preparation for the journey, you fail to concentrate on proper sleep and rest for your body. Your body needs to adjust to the new time zone so taking complete rest and 8 hours of sound sleep is essential to prevent jet lag.

Avoid late night arrivals

Late night arrivals are a strict ‘no’! If you want to prevent jet lag, you need to reach your destination when the sun is still on! This helps you to spend some leisure time and sleep the entire night in darkness. Another advantage of arriving during the day is that you have the complete day to prepare for your sightseeing or other activities.

Take necessary break in between your travel

Long traveling hours and make you feel more tired. To prevent jet lag, you can split the traveling hours by taking necessary halts in between. You can book tickets with multi-city halts that will allow your body to adapt to the change in the time zone gradually. On the other hand, if you book multi-city tickets, it reduces your ticket fares to some extent.

Drinking is bad especially before your travel

Don’t beat the bar a day or two before your traveling hours. Any kind of alcohol would dehydrate your body and it increases the chance of jet lag. You can feel stressed and tired throughout the journey due to the alcoholic effects.

Did someone suggest you take sleeping pills?

Say ‘no’ to sleeping pills! They do not prevent jet lag. Natural sleep is always better and you can take short naps while you are in flight. Consuming sleeping pills will make you look tired and exhausted.

Bid a goodbye to coffee

Beverages like coffee, energy drinks, cola, etc. are definitely not advisable while traveling long distance. They all come artificial nourishments that are hazardous for your sleeping hours. They indirectly increase your recovery time from jet lag. Instead, keep yourself hydrated with natural drinking water, which is effective to prevent jet lag. This also allows your body to function well and adjusts it according to the time zone.

Change the time on your watch to prevent jet lag

It is a simple measure to prevent jet lag especially as far as your mind is concerned. Change your watch timing to match the time zone of your destinations so that you will start following their timing and won’t be surprised when your flight lands at the destinations. Changing the time on the watch is a quick hack that works perfectly.

Be active and enjoy your trip

To keep yourself active after landing at your destination, it is necessary to stay active prior and during the flight. Keep yourself moving or do small exercises to stretch your legs and hands. This would keep your blood actively circulating, which is an effective key to prevent jet lag. You can also avoid DVT by putting on a pair of socks which aids your blood in circulation during the flight. The more active you stay, the more you are preventing yourself from jet lag.

Improve your eating habits

A slight change in your eating habits can help you avoid jet lag. Make a point of having three meals a day, which would help in adjusting according to the changes in the time zone. Having mild breakfast, a heavy lunch, evening snack or dinner would be helpful in improving your appetite for a happy and healthy journey. Also, avoid the food provided by the airlines. They serve you meals according to the time zone you left behind, which may not allow your appetite to change as per the new time zone.

Fly in business class or first class

It could cost you a litter more than the actual but if you have no choice to book day flights, you can book either business class or first class tickets to have a comfortable journey. Comfortable seats and other amenities would help you relax while traveling. The legroom space in the business class is more than the economy class so, plan your travel and be ready to accept the jet lag.

Simple technique and your daily routine help you to prevent jet lag more efficiently. If you are traveling a long distance, it is necessary for you to follow simple health rules that will make you feel comfortable throughout your journey.

Jet Lags cannot be prevented but you can follow these strategies to overcome the time zone tiredness quickly.

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