Support Scientists, They have Fewer Brains to Research

Scientists are appealing for more brains of people with disorders such as stress disorder. They want it after they die for brain research.

Scientists say they need more brains for their study due to lack of knowledge about these post- traumatic diseases among people. The researchers aim is to develop new treatments for neurological and mental disorders.

The human brain has complexity and beauty both. In Harvard Brain Tissue Resource Centre at McLean Hospital just outside Boston, there are more than 3,000 brains. The largest brain bank in the world.

Nowadays the wiring changes as well as grows as we do. The human brain organ is a physical embodiment of our behavior and personality. More of the people have the lack of awareness of brain wiring.

Help Scientists for Brain Research

Scientists are demanding the samples of brains to find new medical treatments for Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s and a list of psychiatric disorders.

According to Kerry Ressler, the chief scientific officer at McLean hospital, the research community has ample of new treatments for neurological and mental diseases. They say, “They have the tools and the potential of the deep-level biology of the human brain now.”

They are lacking in the tissues of disordered brains to understand. The brain banks across the world do not have enough specimens for the research community. The lack of brain tissue is stopping back their development in studies.

The shortage of brains from people with disorders seems in psychological not in neurological in origin. The disorders include depression, schizophrenia and other stress disorder.

Sabina Beretta, the scientific director of the Harvard Brain Tissue Resource Centre informed if people have the lack of awareness that there are changes in the body. They think there are no changes in the brain of patients that suffers from post- traumatic stress disorder or major depression problems. They think there is no reason to give their brain for research.

“Although this is a conception which is radically wrong taking from a biological point of view,” she said.

Some patients are donating their brains because their near dear ones is suffering from these problems so they want to help others.

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