Top 8 Study Hacks to crack your dream exam

Has the countdown begun for your exam? Does the very thought of it give you nightmares? Do you feel like a plain blank sheet even after days of preparation? Has all that you have studied become volatile? Then, this is for you! Here are simple smart study hacks that will get you through your dream exam just like a cakewalk.

Checkout the list of study hacks:

1. The Nickname technique

We remember our friends better with their nicknames right? This technique works as a study hack too. Give a nickname for the toughest nouns you find. Funny names, Celebrity names can help you recollect the words later with ease. You can even try associating a sequence or series of events with a sentence/word. (E.g. VIBGYOR). This technique of mnemonics will give you great results without much practice.

2. The Art of Note Making

Did you know? Your notes play a vital role in your preparation. Sometimes, even the most meticulous of notes can make you doze off in a while. Try making your notes random and attractive. The very presence of colors and doodles can actually make the subject feel a lot more interesting helping you study for longer hours.

3. Become the Teacher!

“You haven’t understood it until you can explain it to a kid” This is rightly said, for you can only explain concepts that you have thoroughly understood. Become the tutor yourself and instruct your wall or just anything you find around you. This will give rise to new dimensions of questions and eventually help you learn better.

4. Revision – A strict Do!

Revision is absolute brainstorming and it is indispensable, for, without revision, you may eventually lose confidence in facing the exam. The endless hours of preparation may go in vain without a final thrust of revision.

5. Procrastination – A strict Don’t!

Procrastination is an excuse in a beginning and then it becomes a habit. For success is all about being true to oneself. So make sure you have a plan and stick to it! Set small doable targets and accomplish them. Break the full-time target into fragments as in, daily, weekly and monthly targets. It might be tedious in the beginning but you will realize it turn into an addiction in the course of time.

6. Just Sleep!

Yes! You read it right. Then, this is your favorite study hack in many study hacks, isn’t? Sleeping helps your brain retain contents better. Taking power naps between study hours can be very effective and makes your memory less volatile.

7. Write it down

Writing things can actually help a lot more than you think. Regular writing and test practices can actually boost your confidence ultimately by giving you an edge over your peers and helping you win over that common flu called exam stress.

8. Clap for yourself

When you prepare, remember, the world is all set to take a share of your victory but not of your work behind it. Therefore, when you work in silence there is going to be hardly anybody to motivate you or boost your spirit. You have to do that for yourself. Set small targets and treat yourself on achieving it. It can be a day out or watching your favorite movie. It is refreshing and certainly drives you to perform better.

Hope you find it interesting and useful as well! The biggest secret of all is that these study hacks will not work until you do! Wishing you success. Good vibes.

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