Major travel scams around the world

In every part of the world, thieves try to hunt travelers from a shadow. They keep watching the tourists and trap them with travel scams. Tourists become an easy prey to travel scams because they are new to the surroundings.

Do not be afraid, you need to be aware and cautious to escape from the attempts of scammers of any kind.

Travel scams have become very common in every country. Here are the most common scams that you’re likely to experience all over the world. This article is destined to create awareness in you regarding the various travel scams that may arise knowing or unknowingly while you are in a different country.

Transportation scam

While you are away from home, private cabs, taxis, and rental vehicles are the best choice to move around. When you arrive at the airport or train station, you’ll be surrounded by hundreds of taxi drivers and cab drivers who would offer you a drive at a cheaper price.

After long hours of flight, you would be tired and will be desperate to reach your destination. Scammers make use of this opportunity to charge your extra. Make sure the autorickshaw has a meter and the taxi is a reputed company. Always check with the right travel agents before you book a cab or taxi.

The best way to escape this scam is to look for reputed Taxi companies in the country you are traveling. You can also check the fares on their official websites. Secondly, track the distance and the route to your destination from the airport to make sure the driver takes you on the best route.

Accommodation scams

Once you choose the right transportation, you need to make sure you book the right accommodation. There are numerous hotels and stay options in tourist destinations and you can book them through various travel agents.

Firstly, if you have not booked your rooms, do not blindly believe your taxi driver to take you to any hotel room. They might take you to an average hotel that charges a hefty price. Do not trust the honey-coated conversations you have with the taxi driver.

Secondly, when you plan to travel to a new location, make sure you book your rooms in advance. Choose the best online travel planner or travel agent and book the room according to your budget. Once you book, you can call the hotel to check the availability of rooms just to ensure your booking is confirmed.

Clothes spill

It’s a common trick that every scammer uses in almost every country. While walking on the road, someone would spill a beverage on you and a kind-hearted man would arrive in no time to help you clean yourself. In the meantime, they would smartly pick your pocket and run away. These travel scams could happen to anyone at any time. They work as a team so you need to be very careful with strangers in the unknown location.

The best way to avoid this situation is to manage the situation by not allowing the stranger to help you. Do not fall a prey to their honey coated words. You may rather go to the nearest restroom to get freshened as early as possible.

The ATM Helper

Whenever you are in a tourist destination and need to withdraw money from your account using any ATM you might come across a friendly ATM helper who might voluntarily come to you to help you. He would cook up stories regarding ‘nil bank charges’ or quick transaction. They are clever scammers who can scan your ATM card though hidden scanner and collect your PIN while you type them on screen. Do not let them drain your money.

Self-help is the best help. Do not trust strangers especially when it comes to handing debit cards and credit cards. Ensure no one is watching you while you are in the ATM and if you suspect someone, report it to the nearest cop.

The smart motorbike scams

When you are on a vacation to a new place, you may need motorbikes to roam around the places. There are many agents who would ask you to hire the motorbike from them for a low price. Firstly, the motorbike would be faulty and secondly, they might work as a team to steal the bike and collect a huge compensation for the same.

Make sure you contact the right agent when you hire a motorbike. You need to verify the documents, take a picture of the bike before you ride them. You need to be very careful while you park your vehicle. Getting the bike from a reputed Rental company would solve your problem.

Fake tickets travel scams are common in every country

From your destination, you may plan to go some other sight-seeing spot or tourist location for which you might be offered tickets at special discounted rates or out of the queue tickets at higher rates from brokers. Be alert because they are people who are ready to rob you of your possession in minutes. By the time you come to smell something fishy they would be gone. The scammers are very smart and you need to tackle them by wit.

Approach the nearest register ticket counter to buy tickets. Check the authenticity of the tickets before you buy them. You can check with the travel agent or the hotel reception to find out if the actual event is happening and get the tickets for any special event and shows.

Flirtatious locals

When you are out on vacation in some unknown destination you would find local beautiful women paying more than usual attention to you and hitting you unnecessarily. You must stay away from them because they are after you just to rob you of your money or possession. These women would become friendly with you and invite for a date where they would you bankrupt. In the situation like this you need to be cautious of such women coming closer to you, try to gauge that is not normal and remain alert all the time.

Do not get carried away with their beauty. The best way to avoid them. Do not accept the invite of strangers. After all, you are not on a vacation to date strangers.

Wi-fi hackers

Public Wi-Fi is nowadays available everywhere. This is where you need to be cautious since unlocked connections are very dangerous and you should refrain from using such Wi-Fi networks. This is because the Wi-Fi is set to allure you by hackers. The hackers would easily get into your laptops, online accounts, phones, and passwords.

To avoid such unwanted situation, in your vacation you should look for official Wi-Fi network that is locked with a password. Do not connect to WIFI networks that are open and do not have a security code.

That’s not the end. There are many other scams that can be avoided only when you are alert. Well, travel scam is very common in every country and you need to be very cautious while you are in a new country.

Don’t be the next victim of a travel scam.


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