Whales can remix sounds together like a DJ

Who doesn’t like to watch the giant mammal dance in the water for a super rhythm? The whales perform a number of activities when trained properly. Their activities include swimming for the rhythms in the ocean to throwing water in jets.

We all love to see the performance of whales. We also get excited when there is a speical show. we buy tickets and join the whales show wherever there is an opportunity. It is surprising to know that whales have a super talent. This truth is unknown to those who loved whales and make them their pet.  Well, yes, they can sing and remix songs like a DJ.

In a recent dicovery, scientists and researches found that the sweet humpback mamales are brilliant singers. They can learn songs in segments. This process is similar to that of how humans learn languages. It is found that in a group of Whales the males sing the same song which is quite complex for them and they change the song with time. They also prove to be good social learners as they learn songs appropriately, as they learn behaviors from each other instead of being passed from by heredity.

A study on Whales and their singing talents

An in-depth study on the pattern of singing by the Whales was studied by the researchers in which they found that they learn songs by combining different segments, which had the same underlying patterns of songs. The researchers went to the extent of recording songs from different populations and marking their pattern. They also found that the Mammals have learned songs of new as well as old variety in the process.

The team of researchers found that the mammals have a propensity to learn songs in a sequence. They follow theme-by-theme pattern to learn songs. They did the research by recording the songs sung by whales underwater. Recordings were captured with the help of underwater microphones dangling from the sides of boats. The recordings captured the Whales singing two different songs like Pink and Black. A small portion of population sang the mix of two songs.

It was also found that a very small portion of the population is also singing a hybrid form of both the songs.

This left no doubt for the team to conclude that the Whales are also better DJ performers when they start grooving to the rhythm of the music. The team of researchers led by Michael Noad of Queensland concluded with this interesting finding in the year 2000. They found that the themes of the songs were all basic and interlinked while the songs were mixed between old and new tracks.

Are whales a professional DJ?

The most interesting things about this talent is their ability to switch from one track to another.These giant ocean mammals are very professional. Especially,  when it comes to mixing songs and tunes. They do it perfectly that we can compare the talents with any professional DJ rocking the dance floor.  Surprisingly,  the mix of tunes was so professional. They switched similar themes and songs. It went along with the rhythm and harmony of two different tracks.

It is utterly surprising to watch the whales singing similar tracks. This proves their DJ skill and their ability to understand music. 

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