Why are progressive web apps a threat to mobile apps

Have you used Flipkart website on your mobile? Do you use Freecharge to do your mobile recharges? These websites are the best example of the progressive web apps. Did you miss to notice that these website load even when you have poor signal? Sometimes, it amazes you by working with no network connectivity. They work perfectly fine with your constant swipes, flips, and clicks. What are we talking about here? Are we talking about the mobile apps or the mobile web sites?

Given two options to choose, Mobile website that performs like a native app or to download the mobile app, what would you choose?

Undoubtedly, you would prefer a mobile website!

PWAs do look like a mobile app but they aren’t! The good news is they do not take up the precious storage space on your mobile

What’s great about the progressive web apps?

Progressive web apps a combination of both mobile app and website. Apps are perfectly optimized for smart devices including mobile screens and websites.  Automatic updates do not seek the permission of the users, which helps them to stay updated.

No downloads

Well, it works just like a native website and you can happily say ‘no’ to download. Cleaning up your storage space is no more a concern with this amazing websites.

Superior performance even with limited network access

Do not complain about poor signals. The PWAs can perform really well with limited to no connectivity. They appear on the screen instantly.

Offline work mode

One of the biggest benefits of using PWA is that they can work offline and online mode. This is not the case with other apps. This web app can load the contents faster than the websites and store the specific content in an offline mode.

Security features

They are safe from attacks, hacks, spoofs and any other types of insecurity as they use TLS connections, which is highly secure.

Push notifications

A website cannot send alerts or push notification to the users but an app can do that. Earlier, this capability was restricted to apps alone, but with the advent of progressive website apps, push notification is possible.

Search engine access

Similar to the website, progressive web apps have access to search engines. Users can optimize the keywords and content just as in websites.

Quick repairs

Another big advantage with progressive web apps is in fixing bugs and in releasing updates. Due to its amazing feature of auto-update, the new releases and quick fixes can be done immediately without the permission or approval from app stores or the users.

Google and Microsoft are working hard to make their web look like an app. The brands have started moving to PWAs causing a threat to mobile apps!

If you are yet to experience the goodness of PWA, browse through the Flipkart pages on your smartphone.

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