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Windows Paint, now on the chopping block though providing useful services

Windows Paint, Microsoft’s highly popular software, is the first graphics-editing program. The countless photographers and PC users have been using MS Paint since the 1980s. But alas! Microsoft has decided to kill off its legendary paint program after 32 years.

Microsoft’s next Windows 10 Update (Fall Creators Update) is going to put longstanding first image editing program, MS Paint on the chopping block. Rather it will bring new features that are characterized by easy switching between tablets, phones and laptop and increased reality video and photo editing tools in StoryMix.

MS Paint started its life as a 1-bit monochrome licensed version of Z Soft’s PC Paintbrush. With the introduction of Windows 1.0 in 1985, Windows Paint appeared in its various guises, but with the Windows 10 update, MS Paint is going to disappear leaving space for the new Paint 3D. Paint 3D is having 3D image making tools and basic 2D image editing tools. Not only Windows for Paint, but also Outlook Express, Reader App, and Reading list are falling under the deprecated list of the Windows 10.

32 years of love for MS Paint

Though Microsoft is curtailing MS Paint, its utility can never be ignored. It is a cool platform for serious painters to display their painting abilities. Many children also enjoy painting different shapes and images using MS Paint. However, most people don’t have enough knowledge about the software and its tools. We must know 10 useful services that Windows for Paint was providing us for long 32 years.

Uses of Windows Paint

Act as Image Resizer

Windows Paint helps to resize an image quickly. Open the latest version of Windows Paint, click the Resize button and tweak. This will allow you to create a quick thumbnail.

Helps in Image Rotation

To use Image Rotation, first take a shot of an image with your smartphone and drop it into MS Paint. Then use Image Rotation, which has the ability to flip an image on its horizontal or vertical axis.

Windows Paint for editing and more

Precision editing

You can make precision editing with Grids. First, click “View” and then click “Gridlines”. It is true that you can’t adjust the scale or size, but you can make alignment of elements.

Detailed editing

Do you want to remove the background from an image? Yes! First zoom in really far and using Pencil Tool in MS Paint, clean up your image. Though it is easy like the Photoshop version, you should try this to your level best.

Windows for Paint having Clone Tool

Whenever you want to clean up portions of an image quickly, you can use clone tool by copying sections of an image and pasting and moving the pasted portion around. You can move it until committing changes.

Helps in Image Reformatting

Do you want to know how it goes? Drop a GIF into Windows Paint and save as the common formats like PNG etc.

Helps in drawing basic shapes

If you want to draw basic shapes like circle, square, stars in MS Paint, you don’t have to do it manually. All basic shapes are present in Windows for Paint. You may use these basic shapes in most high- end designs.

Paint brush

A custom- brush like experience

To make a custom-brush like experience, first draw a shape on the blank white paper. Then select the image through “Select” Tool. Next, select “Transparent selection”. Now you may copy and paste the image.

Better brush sizes

Windows for Paint has 3 brush sizes- xxx- small, xxxx- small and micro. You can also resize the brushes pressing the CTRL and +/- symbols.

Replaces color

Windows for Paint helps to replace your primary color with the color you want by selecting the Eraser tool and by clicking and holding right mouse button.

If you know such tricks and use of some advanced features of this software, you can save the day in a pinch making it work for you when necessary.

New home for Windows Paint: Windows Store

Windows Paint has been a big part of Windows since 1985. Windows 7 had made a major update to this software making the Ribbon Interface to a simple computer graphics app. Now, with the removal of MS Paint, naturally huge support and nostalgia have been outpoured around it.

But do you know the good news that Microsoft’s popular paint is actually not being killed off in the upcoming Windows 10 Fall Creators Update? Windows Paint will still be a part of Windows 10. The MS Paint will be available in the Windows Store.

How to use MS Paint in Windows 10

Step 1: Click the “Start” button, then Magnifying glass icon, type paint, and select paint.

Windows Paint Step 1

Step 2: To open different image types like BMP, gif, tiff etc. , Click “File” and then “Open”.

Windows Paint Step 2

Step 3: To adjust the size of the canvas before you draw an image, click “Resize” button, select “Pixels”, type “horizontal” or “vertical” boxes. You may increase or decrease the canvas size by entering the Percentage.

Windows Paint Step 3

Step 4: To save your work, click “File”, then ‘Save As”. Choose a filename and save location.

Windows Paint Step 4

Among 7 best new features of the Windows 10, Paint 3D is one of the most important features worth hitting update for. Paint 3D is used for drawing, cropping and adding simple text. Paint 3D is having 3D image making tools as well as basic 2d image editing tools. But how does it go?

First, you take simple pictures and drop them into 3D shapes, making and importing shapes in 3D. But do you know one thing? The Paint 3D is opened slower than the classic “Windows Paint”. In the case of the classic MS Paint, though it used tabs, it used all view related tabs on a single toolbar. Paint 3D divides tools into 6 different tabs.

Yet we still regret missing of long-standing Windows Paint because it had served our many purposes for 32 years.

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