Your boss wants you to quit

Unmistakable signs when your boss wants you to quit

Your boss wants you to quit when he/she do not include you in group emails and discussions. They would suddenly stop interacting with you, disapprove your leaves, cancels your claims and what not!

Your boss wants you to quit due to the recession, lack of knowledge, poor contribution or the reason could be anything. However, if you are the next scapegoat, you will definitely know it through their behavior and signs.

When you are in a corporate, you need to be flexible with your boss, the odd working hours and most importantly, the job safety. You may not know when it is your last working day in your current role. Either, you may not like your boss and decide to quit or your boss may not like you, if both of you are in good terms, the company would not be ready to keep you any longer.

I hope most of you can relate this to your workplace.

Reaching the heights of success

Success and achievement will take you to great heights in the corporate environment. You will win the hearts of the management with your best contributions towards the growth of the company. You will receive appreciation and the appraisal ratings will earn you a good hike in your salary. The happiness might end due to many reasons. There might be a recession or your co-workers and boss may just do not like your growth. Eventually, your boss is left with no other option than to make you quit.

Here are Scenarios you can relate with your current experience

You must understand that your boss wants you to quit if he/she starts behaving with you differently or denies all your ideas and requests.

Your boss is not aware of the project you are working on

Just like every other day, your boss asks ‘status update’ (of course, your current project) from your colleagues and do not bother to know what you do. This is the first sign that your boss is ignoring you. On the second instance, he might be least bothered even if you send him emails to follow up on the project you are working on. Finally, when the senior management involves in, your boss might simply say that he is not aware of your project. This is a clear sign that the boss is no more interested in your work.

Ignores your during breaks

Do you go for a coffee or tea break with your boss?

Does your boss invite you to join him for lunch?

It’s always fun to hang around with the boss. You can extend your breaks and no other colleague is going to question you because you are already in the boss’s favorite list. But, how should you react if this pampering stops all of a sudden?

When was the last time you took a coffee break with your boss?

Has he/she stopped inviting you for a short break?

If he does it with all your colleagues, you can feel safe. If you see him happy with others and behave differently with you, it’s time to be alert. It could be the signs of danger. It could cost your job or it could be a poor rating on your appraisal or a denial of salary hike.

Your boss wants you to quit if he stops giving your feedback

Managers are good at providing instant feedback whether good or bad. Check what’s wrong when you stop receiving feedback from your boss. He does so only when he/she is no longer interested. Feedback improves the quality of work and you need to understand that your boss denies feedback because he is busy with other projects or he wants you to quit.

No work or burdened with work

I remember how my company’s project dissolved and we were asked to quit. We were a team of 25 and each of us had to answer a minimum of 25 to 30 calls per day (I was an IT Service desk analyst). Suddenly, there was a rise in the call volume where we had to handle 50-60 calls per day (which was something unusual). We were told that system update and process update resulted in high call volume. In a month’s time, the call volume reduced to 10-12 per day per person, which was too low. We noticed many new joiners in our onsite team and eventually our managers gave us two options. It was to relocate to a new project in a new place or quit the job.

No work or too much of work, both are not good for you

Work pressure is acceptable in corporate but if things go beyond your hands, you need to realize that it’s time for you to move to a new job. You need to be smart enough to understand the signs when your boss wants you to quit.

Manager does not recommend you for critical projects

We all want to work in critical projects of our company to prove our talents. What if your manager does not recommend your name for the most-awaited project. It is a sign that your manger is no longer interested to keep you in his team. He may try to convince that a special project is waiting for you but you already know what it means!

Your ideas and suggestions are no longer heard

If your boss wants you to quit, he may not include you in team meetings and discussion. You need to feel lucky if you have a chance to be a part of the meeting. Though you are in the meeting, your boss would never ask your suggestion or ideas. When He/she is not in a mood to listen to whatever you say, it’s your time to quit.

Secret and special meetings excluding you

The most heartbreaking news is when your manager arranges a special meeting with the team to discuss the project you are working on. You may be the right person who has in-depth knowledge about the project, if you are not the boss’s favorite, you are no longer included in meetings and discussions.

Do you hear many excuses

Managers start giving excuses when the company is in bad shape, when the requests of their subordinates are not met and when they want an employee to quit. If you hear too many excuses from your boss, you need to understand that your questions do not bother him/her anymore and you will hear a lot more excuses until you quit the job.

Seeks answers from others

Finally, you will know that your boss wants you to quit if he starts seeking answers for your projects from other teammates. If he ignores your hard work and starts discussing your task with someone else, you need to talk to him/her about your last working day.

Final words

Due to unavoidable situations, the boss might want you to quit the job and you need to understand his/her signs and take immediate action. If your boss decides, you can no longer survive in the workplace so it is better to countdown your last working day. If you notice the changes in his /her behavior, be sure that you are on the next employee-to-fire list and start looking for a change.

The boss and subordinate share an interesting relationship, which is neither too personal nor official. Let’s not blame the boss and take this opportunity to find a better job.

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