Dunkirk! Harry Styles trolls gone viral on Twitter

Christopher Nolan’s much-awaited action thriller film Dunkirk trailer is out now. With a star-studded cast, this war epic film looks brutal and beautiful. The trailer discussion is now in top trending on Twitter and many other sites. But the most viral part is the Harry Styles, lead singer of the band One Direction making his acting debut.

Dunkirk Plot

The story Dunkirk was the defense and evacuation of British and Allied forces from France on the Dunkirk beach when German planes start bombing them. That time survival is the most important thing for soldiers.

The lead cast of this movie Tom Hardy and Cillian Murphy are Nolans regulars. No wonder that peoples have very high expectation from them and Christopher Nolan as they have done a great job in their previous blockbustor movies. People already starts comparing this one with the all time greatest movie Saving Private Ryan. How much good this film is going to be? Well, we’ll see that later. But for now, people are excited for this.

In the trailer at one scene, Harry Styles is drowning in the water. People are making many trolls of that scene. You can see some of that below or search for #Dunkirk on Twitter.

Finally the trailer of Dunkirk:

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